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Intermittent motion

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    Does anyone know of a cheap mechanical device which is able to achieve specific intermittent / discrete motion along a shaft?
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    What kind of motion? Like a crawling motion? How fast? can the shaft have threads, or does it need to be smooth?

    I remember a linear motor mechanism that I read about once that could move on a smooth shaft because it had two gripper mechanisms (one at each end), and an extension capability in the middle. I forget what the application was, though.
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    I'm trying to rotate a shaft 60 degrees every 30 seconds; right now I'm looking into some sort of toothed gear / ratchet powered by a linear solenoid actuator... I'm still working on figuring out the details but it could work.

    do you guys agree with that or should I be looking at something else ??
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    Which is it?
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    Sorry, I meant to say the latter in the original post (I can't update it for some reason)
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