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Intermolecular bonding

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    What is the most powerful bond? Hydrogen bond or Ion-dipole bond?
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    Simon Bridge

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    That will depend on the situations you are comparing and why it matters.

    Can you come up with a situation where either may happen but everything else is the same so you can compare apples with apples?

    I think, generally, hydrogen bonding involves the smaller binding energies, but I'd like to encourage you to explore the concepts and form your own ideas.
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    So it's with the situation where you have to decide what's stronger relying on other facts. :D Thanks!
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    Simon Bridge

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    Sometimes you can compare forces based on the constants ... which is how we can say that the strong nuclear force is, well, strong. The interactions you are interested in are all electromagnetic and it looks like they can be roughly the same order of magnitude ...

    Some compounds will prefer one form of bonding over the other right? ... the preferred bonding is the stronger.
    If chemists have a rule of thumb to anticipate which, I don't know it.
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    As atoms and compounds are always trying to minimize the instability!

    I guess other theories behind that are too much for me. I'm doing ALs. :) So I guess I won't be getting such in my MCQ paper! :D Thanks again!!!
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