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Homework Help: Internal Reflection

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    Consider two adjacent transparent media. The speed of light through Medium 1 is v1, and the speed of light through Medium 2 is v2. If v1<v2, then total internal reflection will occur at the interface between these media if a beam of light is?

    I said incident in Medium 1 and stikes the interface at an angle of incedence greater than arcsin (v2/v1). Is this correct?
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    If v2 > v1 then v2/v1 is greater than 1. Does taking the arcsine of a number greater than 1 make sense? Use Snell's Law and n = c/v to derive the condition for total internal reflection.
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    Okay... that was dumb of me.... so if I take n1=c/v1 and n2=c/v2, then i have arcsine(v1/v2) when i take n2/n1 right?
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    That's correct.
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