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Internal resistance source

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    Is the internal resistance of the battery or other source is variable or not?
    without discharging .
    Is it depend upon on the external resistance?
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    No, the internal resistance of a battery is not variable.. and it also does not depend on the external resistance.
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    What's your source of information?
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    Probably depends on battery chemistry, design, temperature, and state of charge.

    Bob S
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    The internal resistance is normally taken as sensibly constant over one cycle of the normal discharge range of current.

    The internal resistance does, however increase with ageing of the battery so the internal resistance after 500 cycles of a rechargeable has often increased enough to render the battery useless.

    The internal resistance is independant of other circuit configurations, so long as the currents drawn are within the normal ratings.

    The internal resistance increases with decreasing temperature, which is why it is harder to start a vehicle on a cold morning.

    Is this a homework question?
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    No this is not home working question.
    there is no information about the internal resistance in our course bot this question arise in mind and so i do it here
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    It's good to think around the subject. Hope my initial reply helped.
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    the experiments done in my school lab.
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