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Medical International Brain Bee Competition

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    Has anyone heard of the IBB? I think I might participate in it seriously, and if so, I'm going to need some assistance on what to study, how to go about it, and maybe even a mentor that I could talk to ;P

    Basically this is a contest about neurology, and all stuff relating to the brain.

    A few links:
    http://web.sfn.org/baw/bee.cfm [Broken]
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    I haven't ever been involved in one, but from the info on it, it sounds like the type of questions that DocToxyn, Neurocomp and myself can probably help field your questions on. I think Hypnogogue has a link to an online brain atlas (make sure you're looking at one for humans, not rodents :biggrin:) up in the sticky with neuro resources. That'll probably be the hardest part, the rest is more typical studying of information. Looking at pictures and then being tested on a real brain might not be as obvious. I'd suggest looking at the same structure in multiple atlases to get an idea of how much variation you might expect, unless you have access to an anatomy lab.

    I'm laughing at this part of the instructions though:
    :rofl: Geez, not enough to find yourself a neuroscientist, but you have to find one willing to buy doughnuts! :grumpy: I think you should all be bringing doughnuts for the neuroscientist willing to volunteer to give the quiz, not the other way around! :biggrin: :rofl:
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