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News International Day of Peace

  1. Sep 20, 2005 #1
    Anyone else think that The International Day of Peace is ridiculous? If having peace for one day is so great, why not have peace day everyday? And I'm sure all those insurgents in Iraq will gladly put down their weapons and join in the celebration.

    I find this especially hypocritical:

    Unless attacked? Isn't that the (supposed) reason we fight any war? If not to (supposedly) defend ourselves? I insert 'suppose' because many wars', like the Iraq war, motives are debatable. So in other words, lets make our Heads of State to go about business as usual.

    Any thoughts?
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    "Supposed" doesn't matter. I think this would be a great step towards world peace.
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    We should do this during the Olympics, the way the Greeks did. Stop all wars to duel it out on the field of athletic competition.
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    That would be Awesome....
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    Yeah, it kind of does. Because you can arbitrarily say someone is endangering you so you can eliminate them and not be in violation of your pledge.

    This will be the 23rd world peace day and so far it hasn't done anything to help world peace.

    Well, that might stop a small portion of one city's population from fighting, seeing how the Olympics are held in one city.
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    :rofl: Awsomeness :biggrin:
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    Put the national leaders in the same room and lock the door.

    Then we just leave them.

    It was strange during earlier wars (primarily or exclusively a European thing), when or if a truce was called for Christmas Day, or in and around Christmas. Then the fighting would resume.

    If they stopped, why start again. :rolleyes:

    Best not to start fighting in the first place.
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    Mental execise:

    If an int'l day of peace has no effect, would an int'l day of war have any? Why or why not?
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    I remember hearing an old story about soldiers fighting in WWI. The two armies were pretty close but dug in to trenches. Someone tossed over a gift to the other soldiers and pretty soon they were having Christmas dinner with the enemy. After that neither group wanted to kill their new found friends so they had to change out the two groups before they could resume fighting....

    A sad story if you ask me....
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    The christmas truce of WW1 is legendary with stories like that.
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    There is another story either from WWI (aka The Great War) or WWII, in which an allied soldier got so drunk he got lost and wondered into German lines. He either had dinner with them or drank with them, and then the Germans turned him around and sent him back to the allied lines.

    I heard it long ago. I don't know if its true or not.
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    The whole of the Greek empire, which ranged from Italy to Macedonia to Turkey, stopped fighting. And in case you haven't noticed, we now hold worldwide Olympic competitions.
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    I was refering to modern Olympics.

    Ancient Greece is very different from the modern world! First, how many soldiers do you think the Greek empire had? Nothing compared to the all the world's military forces combined. The world's population then was nothing compared to what it is today. Second, their religion was tied into the Olympic games making it a religious event for them. It was like Christmas from them. Third, it was easy for them to agree on things becaus they were so culturally similar. You think Jews and Palistinians will just stop suicide bombing for games, fanatic Muslims probably think the Olympics are evil anyways. People already try to bomb it. Just what we want on peace day, everyone looking over their shoulder to see if someone has C4 strapped to their chest.

    Also, the Olympics hardly effect the everyday person, other than your average joe living in the city where it's being held, seeing how his town will be flooded with tourists. Your average person probably watches maybe an hour or two of games after they get home from work. Thats about how special they are to people. Personally, I think you'd have better luck making Superbowl Sunday the international day of peace.
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    Ah now you're assuming that Bush (for example) has some sort of vendetta against Saddam Hussein (for example).

    No no, actually he was just making sure Cheney got the contracts for his halleyburton.


    Big surprise huh?
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    Right...And the federal probe into price gouging? Who's overseeing this? Maybe the same committee who will investigate the response to Katrina? Oh I know, the guy who "edited" scientific findings on global warming--yeh, that's the ticket.

    In the U.S. this month is healthy aging month or some such thing. Do other countries do this? In any event, if there was any sincerity to have peace, they'd make it International Peace Year, and have it every year. :rolleyes:
  17. Sep 21, 2005 #16


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    Does any of this make it any less of a good idea? Are you getting mad because I'm not taking this seriously? Or did you think I was taking it seriously? Whether or not something can or even will be done has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not it would be nice for it to be done. Sorry to hijack your all-important thread with my trivial addition.
  18. Sep 21, 2005 #17
    Yeah, let's get back to the peace-Bashing. Stop making us love eachother LYN! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!
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