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International Physics Olympiad 2005

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    The 36th International Physics Olympiad was held at Salamanca in Spain from July 3-12. 342 contestants from 77 nations participated.
    India placed 6th with 5 medals(2 golds, 2 silver and 1 bronze).
    Piyush Srivastava(17) from Allahabad and Sameer Madan(18) won the gold medals for India. In fact Piyush Srivastava was also AIR 1 (All India Rank) in the IIT-JEE 2005. (The IIT-JEE is Joint Entrance Exam to the Indian Institutes of Technology and considerd to be one of the toughest examinations for high school students in the world).
    Congrats to Piyush, Madan and the rest of the team. I wish I was as good as them.
    The official results are not yet declared on the website, but I think that Taiwan was the best placed country with 5 golds.
    Also India finished ahead of the UK, USA and Germany :biggrin:
    Does anyone know how your country fared in the olympiad this year?
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    Does anyone have the results to the 2005 International Biology Olympiad (IBO)? I believe the IBO just ended. However, the results have not been posted at the official website of the IBO yet. I read that Thailand managed to win 3 golds and a silver, but I would like to see how other countries fared.
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