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International Reply Coupons

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    Can he still receive and read my mail without International reply coupons or IRC?

    I wrote to an International model in Japan. then I wrote to him and I search his company address in the internet and I found his company address but it says you will need IRC.. but I cant find any IRC's in our place..I dont know where to buy them and how to buy them in the internet. But I sent him a letter without an IRC or International reply coupons, I dont know if he received my letter without an IRC..so please help me and tell me if he receive it without an IRC and Where in the Philippines can I buy it??? thanks..
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    At your post office, I would think, sense it is postage.
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    Yes, you buy them at your post office, and enclose them in your letter. The recipient (in another country) exchanges them at his post office for postage stamps to use when he replies to you.

    In other words, it's a way of pre-paying the postage for a reply from another country, that uses different currency or postage stamps from yours.
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    Can he receive my letter without IRC? and there's no IRC in our post office, no IRC
    here in our PLACE. :cry:
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    So long as you put the right postage on the envelope, then yes, it should get there. I doubt that you'll get a reply though!
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    ...ok. thanks.. but is there any other way to get an IRC?
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    VashtiMaiden, celebrities have staff that will send out a photograph and a news letter in response to fan mail. If he's very popular, you're not going to get a personal reply and it's unlikely that he will actually even see your letter, most likely it will be read by a staff member.
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    but his not that popular...I think only in Japan and other Asian countries but not like the other famous actors and model.
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