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Internet based telescopes

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    I would like to know if there are some internet based telescopes for the public which can be useful to watch objects that are below the horizon or when the weather is bad.
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    I know you can do this on slooh.com but you have to pay some money to use it. If you're just interested in the night sky in general, however, you can go to nightskylive.net for images of the night sky around the world. The former website has bad pictures whenever the moon starts getting towards full, unfortunately.
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    They actually have online telescopes for people to use? I didn't know that. Amazing the things you can find on the internet. I've only seen pictures from the Hubble telescope online. They weren't live either.
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    You can observe objects thru this site, but you must send a proposal first
    http://astrwww.astr.cwru.edu/interface.html [Broken]
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    Do anyone know how propsals are submitted to the Hubble Telescope? :smile:
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    The Space Telescope Science Institute website has all the details; for the current cycle (14), try here.
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