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Yesterday, I got home after school and turned on my computer. I tried to open Mozilla Firefox, and it told me something about Data Execution Prevention. Then I tried opening Google Chrome. I would get the loading mouse for about 3 seconds, and nothing would happen. After that, I tried Opera. Opera did the same thing as Chrome. Finally, I reluctantly opened Internet Explorer, which worked. I even tried downloading Safari, which didn't work. Is Windows barring me from using non IE internet browsers?
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It has nothing to do with Windows. I have (on two separate computers) Windows XP and Windows 7. On both I have several browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, and have no problem opening them. I don't know what to advise you, except checking for viruses, restarting, etc.

For your information, I use Firefox, Avant, and Orca (the last is obsolescent) most frequently.
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Data Execution Prevention is a feature built into modern CPUs and operating systems (Mac and Linux as well as Windows) to help prevent malware attacks. You can switch it off it you like (open the Control Panel then the System applet), but that's just pretending the problem doesn't exist rather than fixing it.

Most likely, you have some malware on your PC - possibly a "bad" web browswer plugin that is affecting all your browsers except IE. Most browsers use the same interface for plugins, except for IE which is completely different.
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Uninstall/reinstallyour browsers and be more careful about what plugins you use.

Some freeware will add it's own plugins to your browser too if you're not careful o uncheck options (or some just won't let you install without the plugin)

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