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Internet connection help

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    I currently have 2 computers (laptop running ubuntu, desktop running vista) connected to the internet, through a "Linksys 5-port workgroup switch", which my cable modem is also plugged into (my internet gives me 2 IP's, so I don't need an additional router). This arrangement works perfectly, no problems on either system.

    I just bought a new laptop with xp (Not state of the art), and am having trouble connecting with it. I unplugged the desktop and plugged that cable into the new laptop, and get the "Little or no connectivity" message. I try "ipconfig -release" "ipconfig -renew", after the renew command it says: "unable to contact your DHCP server."

    I tried googling it, and found a couple of proposed solutions that didn't work for me:
    Resetting the TCP/IP stack with "netsh int ip reset"
    Checking to ensure DHCP is enabled in "Administrative tools"->"Services"

    Anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I know it's not the internet connection, the switch, or any of the cables, since it works perfectly when plugged into the desktop (and I am posting this from my old laptop).

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: The newer laptop has XP Service Pack 2, I'm installing SP3 right now to see if that helps.
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    Never mind. I rebooted the cable modem and it worked.
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