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Internet connection sharing w/ dial-up

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    Hey guys

    Real quick. Is it possible to have internet connection sharing with a computer that uses dial up internet access?

    My parents have two computers in their house, and they only have dial up internet access available. I want to hook the two computers together with wireless networking, and then be able to use internet connection sharing (both comptuers run WinXP) to be able to share the internet connection.

    I'm thinking that I need to set up an ad-hoc wireless network and then have one computer connect to the internet and then the other one share the connection.

    My thing is, when it connects to the internet, it will have an IP, but how can it have a 2nd IP address to connect to another computer in the (w)lan?

    Thank you
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    Thank you for the link. You want to hear something sick? My parents, where they are at, are lucky to connect at 19.2 :-)

    There is just no broadband solution for them (phone company wont run DSL, and cable company doesn't have service yet out there). All the other stuff seems so expensive (multiple hundred dollars per month).

    Perhaps satellite internet??
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    Satellite internet would probable be the best solution for them, but you'll still need to use a modem for upload. There are two-way satellite systems, but can be quite expensive.
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