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Internet & Games

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    I've seen that before internet or video games boys and girls played in the fields...and enjoyed with friends with go out for a walk in the sea shore or took trip to any nice journey!

    But now in these days...they are busy in the world of Computer games and Internet............

    Then what do you think? Is this going to give +ve or -ve impact on the society ???
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    Hmm...as I thought it may be just may be the problem of the 1st world countries...but as there is not much response then I may be wrong
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    Hi! I am going to write an article about it...So, I really need to consult it with you :smile:

    Can you say something about it from the point of view of Psychology?
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    Hi Moni,

    I am not an expert at psychology, but computer games and the internet are certainly the craze in my country. Take me for example; I hardly ever do any outdoor activities anymore. The problem is worse for other teens that I know of: they spend practically ALL their time playing the phenomenal Neopets and another new game (I can't remember the name) at internet cafes (it only costs US$0.6 here an hour). I cannot believe that they willingly throw away so much of their time doing these things that are so hopelessly mind-wasting, but I guess the same happens all around the world.
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    Ah yes, fields. Horrible places. Hotbeds of political extremism, filled with criminals, drug addicts, child molestors, socialists... I think we are all aware this is a bit of an idealised view.

    But we must again ask the standard question: what is +ve and -ve in this case?

    Consider what the internet is. It is not a monster, subverting our children's minds. It is rather a global community, and instant access to the psyche of the technologically significant world. It just so happens that this psyche is filled with porn and spam.

    Giving children access is in the end a good thing, as it empowers them to understand the world they are in, or will be in control of. And to change it for the better.

    And again, what is time-wasting? I do not characterise PF as time wasting. Is not wandering fields also time wasting - who after all can feature field-wandering on their cv? In a way the decline of some traditional entertainments simply demonstrates their failure to compete with more modern forms. And a lack of exercise may also simply characterise the lack of emphasis the modern world puts on physical condition in the first place.

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    Well, I still see a lot of girls and boys going out and being with friends, etc., but maybe not to the extent they used to. I think the internet is good, but not for kids. I don't advocate kids using the internet... I've seen what kids (even older kids, 14 years old, etc.) look at on the internet, and even with high parental control, they see and read things they shouldn't be reading. From that aspect, I think it's bad. BUT, when I first got the internet, I was 14 years old, and all I checked were Formula 1 websites while my mom sat beside me -- so I never used it like my cousin's kids do (they use google and all that sorta stuff, god knows what they see on there..) In a way it's bad, but in a way it's also good, like this forum and other such helpful sites. I guess it's all about intentions. As for spending a lot of time on the internet and not participating in social life like they used to before there was the internet, I'd say it still depends on the person. I for one spend a lot of time on the internet, and yes it IS harmful in many ways (not writing my papers, etc.), but at the same time I learn a lot (although sometimes irrelevant to what I'm majoring in).

    As for computer games, again, I think it's all about self-control. I could spend all day long in front of my computer playing NHL 2004, but I don't, and I wouldn't let my kids play for hours on the computer. All one needs is some balance in order to get the good from both.
  8. Jan 29, 2004 #7
    I think internet games and things along that nature are completely fine. I play way to much. Probably any professional would tell me its unhealthy. However I go to school, eat, sleep, get good amounts of exercise and keep up good marks. On top of that I'm happy so I think hey I want to sit on the computer 4 hours in a row or longer I can go for it.

    The trick is people need to know when to quit themselves not be forced to quit. Sometimes I let computer get in the way of homework but not often. I think the issue is people haven't been taught where to draw the line. They have been forced too and when their parents weren't or aren't around they don't work on anything important.

    I definately think people need to get more exercise but its also not encouraged enough especially in the school system. I've had our gym closed in a cheap underhanded attempt to get us to watch some thing in the theatre. Its not the physical health I think thats important but I think your mind focuses better with your body in shape too. Sort of like a in sync thing.
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