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Internet Option

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    So, basically, what are the different ways for someone to get internet these days?

    I'm asking because I'm tired of not having decent internet. The satellite that currently used is provided by Hughesnet and stops working at random intervals. As a back up plan, I also use a USB stick from Verizon, which often disconnects me about 1 minute after I log in. Needless to say, these two services are very disappointing.

    I don't even live that far from a town, barely outside of the town's city limits. The only problem is that my house is somewhat...inaccessible. I was just wondering if you guys could recommend any ISPs or know how much it costs to lay your own cable.
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    Do you have a phone line? Your phone company should provide internet. Frontier is a phone company which provides internet, and is around 26.7mb/s compared to Charter(now MidCo)'s 23.4mb/s
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    I can't get dsl because of how they installed the phone lines.
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    - Cable
    - DSL
    - Satellite (HughesNet)
    - Wireless :yuck:
    - Dial-up :cry:

    Check out http://www.high-speed-internet-access-guide.com/" [Broken] site.
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    Alright, thanks.
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    But, almost forgot, do you know how much it costs to lay a cable?
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    Prohibitively expensive, in general.

    A quick search suggests that the cost varies from $3 per foot in rural areas to $95 per foot in urban. The rural price assumes you'll be laying a good bit; small jobs are costlier.
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    Ok thanks. I'm getting pretty desperate for decent Internet (my phone gets better Internet than my computer).
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    My parents have the same problem, drives me nuts. I'd say your best option is to start petitioning for 4G service lol.
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