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Internet Philosopher

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    I am Osvir. I travel the internal space of what we call the Worldwide Web in search for answers, to ask questions and sometimes if my knowledge allows it, even answer some of them. I analyze, conceptualize, discuss, debate, hypothesize. I consider myself a philosopher, and one day my vial of poison will be delivered to me, for spewing what would be considered "blasphemy" and "heressy", in our modern times. Much like Socrates before me (Jokes of course, please don't T-T). But I do like to challenge minds, and ways of thinking, which is what I wanted to convey.

    I love science, but more than that I do enjoy a good conversation and/or discussion :)

    Don't know if I'll be super active on here but this seems like a cool place to be, for the one searching for knowledge or answer.

    I came here for this thread, which I found through some Google searching into the matter of quantum levitation/locking:

    I hope this site catches on to my attention, and I stay for a while :)

    Peace and hugs
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    Hello Greg!

    Yes. Absolutely :) several times over the course of time most likely.
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