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Internet scam?

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    Is this for real? :surprised

    Some of you may remember an interview on Hannity and Colmes with Michael Crook. Crook was the owner of "Forsake The Troops", a website dedicated to trashing military personnel's intelligence and courage and calling them leeches on the American public. Hannity and Colmes pretty much skewered the guy on national TV, certainly a well-deserved humiliation.

    Appearing on a Fox News Channel talk show, naturally there were many conservatives who were disgusted by Crook and his website. Good news. An Air Force group was able to buy the domain name and space from the web hosting company that hosted Crook's site and replace it with a friendlier site. The web hosting company even apologized:

    Of course, the website was put up again, except with .net instead of .info, since SMIS (Small Mike Internet Service) had sold the site out from under the delinquent originator. But, fortunately, the financial problems of the evil person(s) putting up the site allowed SMIS to sell that domain name and site as well to a different offended party.

    And the CitizensAgainstTheTroops domain name and site to a different offended party.

    And the ForsakeThePolice to a different offended party.

    And the ForsakeTheFirefighters to a different offended party.

    And the various white supremist hate sites were taken off the Internet by various offended parties willing to buy out the offending domain name and web space to have the various sites removed.

    Michael Crook is the guy that owns SMIS! He puts up hate sites and extracts money from offended parties to have the sites removed.

    Next thing someone will tell me is that the "Save Toby" website is really a hoax. OH, MY GOD :surprised IT'S AUGUST ALREADY!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! TOOOOOOOBBBBEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    Whew, my bad, I thought his deadline had already expired. :redface: Turns out we have until November 2006 to raise the ransom before Toby's eaten.

    Edit: Hannity and Colmes should be as embarassed as 60 Minutes was. This was exposed as a hoax in February and they aired the interview in May. Museum of Hoaxes Not exposed widely enough to prevent Crook from cashing in on his TV appearance, though.
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    Bob, the idiot thrives off the attention. Well, that's the whole goal of his deception: attention and money. The best thing we could do is ignore him.
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    anyone else find it horribly ironic his name is 'crook'?
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    Why do people watch Fox News in the first place? I took it off my channel list a LONG time ago. I can't stand the station's blatant sensationalism.
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    You dont like sensationalism? What, did you throw your TV set out?

    Thats a pretty damn funny hoax though! Theres a good deal of liberals just like that guy so it played off everyones basic knowledge here in the US. :rofl:
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