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Interning abroad?

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    So I'm basically just starting my education ( finished CC n00b lol ) and I got really and landed an internship at a lab , this one www.caps.fsu.edu . So in this place there are a bunch of students, most from other countries doing research for the resident professors and simultaneously working on their Ph.Ds, Masters, whatever. This got me curious, if they can come over here can i go over there ( anywhere). So the question is does anyone know any routes for obtaining a research internship abroad? I know about REU from the NSF but that's only in the states. I was hoping for something similar with a stipend for living expenses like these foreign guys get while they're here cause I'm pretty broke. I speak russian and a little spanish so preferrably in either Russia or a Spanish speaking country but I'm up for anywhere. At the least maybe someone has some hints about how i could look for these things.
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