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Interns and Research Project?

  1. Sep 15, 2009 #1
    Hi, i'm a community college student looking for informations about interns and research that pertains to engineering or physics

    My goal is to transfer to Harvey Mudd College, Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT, and if all else fails Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. So besides my GPA, internship is probably the distinguish factor for my future admission acceptance.

    To be honest, i would have think that those interns are myths had not so many people claim to participate in them, because almost all the interns i look up require the enrollment of a 4 years college, furthermore, asking for the professors for research is as well frustrating. If anyone knows a particular method of searching internships and research or have informations about internships it would really great.

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    Have you tried asking your professors for advice? While community college professors rarely do research of their own, they probably did at some point, and they may have some connections with local 4-year colleges or universities. Not all internships are part of a formal program like an REU; some are just through connections.
  4. Sep 15, 2009 #3
    When applying to graduate school does research experience that is not part of an REU carry the same amount of weight?

    Also, do research internships generally continue year-round, or are they limited to a specific time frame? I've seen many people talk about doing an REU "over the summer," and I was wondering if that was kind of a common time frame?
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    Sure, any research experience is good, REU or not. Just because it's not funded by the NSF doesn't mean you didn't learn something, or that you won't get to go to a conference or even get published as a result. An internship can be from a few months (typical REU) to a few years (over the course of several semesters).
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    yeah, i ask my professors, but it was fruitless

    can you give me some directions to search for research projects?
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