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Internship oppurtunity

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    Ok, am a physics major currently a sophmore at U of I urbana..Now i have this feeling that i would not be good enough for the DOE to get an internship next year.
    I havent accomplished anything major except i wrote a theoritical physics paper: Modelling Maxwell's solution in a vector and subspace field.-my freshman year and presented it (about 2months ago). Anyways the paper is currently under review. (no guarantee it will be published)
    And am currently working on a wireless power transfer project, which i hope to patent in october. ( dont know if am gnna meet my deadline)

    Anyways, with these things i still think i have not got the right resume to impress any lab. Like i havent held a job( mainly because am 17 ,well gnna be 18 this yr end, and my parents are too protective) and i hvent done any school or department sponsored research yet. So, what kind of resume should i have to impress these people. I am freaking out?? Applications start in 3months!!
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    Is it a theoretical internship? I'd guess that they're looking for grades more than anything else. From my experience, that's the main factor.
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    No, it is a lab job at the Department of Energy.
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    o0.. Are you applying for the Brookhaven National Laboratory also?
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    Yes Ames, Oak ridge, Brookhaven and los alamos, any advice.
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    Oh thats a bunch, hmm.. I have had two friends and they didn't have particularly high grades or anything special at all and they got in. One in nanotech and the other hunting squirrels...

    You should do the mini semester program at winter break. Its a one week ordeal and you get to develop a connection with staff members.. my friend recommended it to me.

    "Students spend one week at BNL during the winter break and participate in a lab related research project. Students also interact with Laboratory staff members, attend lectures on current projects and are guided on tours of Laboratory facilities to witness scientific research in progress. Students are expected to participate in a team research experience and present their results."

    Taken from bnl
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    lmao.. He was an engineer but he did his internship in environmental science or something just for interest.

    "Program Benefits

    Many of these students return to BNL as part of the Community College Institute (CCI) or the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI). Both of these programs offer students the opportunity to become part of a scientific research team for a summer. The SULI program also offers internships during the fall and spring semesters. Students who participate in the College Mini-Semester program are encouraged to apply for the 16-week academic semester programs and for the 10-week summer program."

    Like I said, it gives you a chance to develop a connection with staff members. My friend who landed an internship in nanotech emailed a staff member in the nanotech firm, got lucky, and met with him to talk. He said he pretty much got the internship from there.
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    Yea of course, its a nice opportunity to see what its like and its a valuable experience. Should be fun. ^.^

    http://www.bnl.gov/education/program.asp?q=117 [Broken]

    "Application Process

    see your school placement office representative"

    I'm going to call my school tomorrow and see what they say. Never heard of "school placement office representative" before 0__o.

    Deadline is Friday, November 19, 2010, at 1:00 a.m, but the earlier the better of course.
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