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Internship questions

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    I am studying to be an Aerospace engineer. I am approaching my junior year and am planning to transfer to the U of MN and I am interested in finding an internship or something else in southeast Minnesota or eastern Wisconsin. I seem to have trouble finding any opportunities in my field in my area. Can anyone give me any ideas to find something. I have spent hours searching and have found nothing. Would any position I can find be beneficial or should I just not worry about it yet.
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    Have you joined ASME? Going to events in your area (which they will inform you about) can help. Remember, it is all about networking!
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    It depends on how adamant you are about doing an internship in aerodynamics. Several of my friends did an internship at NASA so you should probably look at that if you haven't already done so. If you are looking for research experience in general, send me an e-mail to kotor2@gmail.com and I can send you a list of 100-150 undergraduate research opportunities nationwide including national laboratories. Most of the deadlines have expired but you could always apply or hang onto it for next year. Chances are good that there are several aero positions in it.
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