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Internships @ a Lab?

  1. Mar 9, 2005 #1
    I'm not really sure if anyone would be able to help me here... but I really want to try to get an internship working at some type of science lab.

    Ok.. so basically I'm a high school student in San Diego.

    Now, I know you maybe wondering why a HS student want an "internship" at a lab.. what contribution could I possibly make... Well to tell you the truth I want to get a feel of what people who go into these fields actually do.

    I mean in high school we may learn a lot about these subjects if we commit ourselves to it... but I really doubt its anything like the actual work at the lab.

    I dunno I'm just not really decided on what I want to do in life yet and I think this would be of great help.. it would either really encourage to pursue this or.. totally make me take another path.

    I just wish there was a center around here that focused on Articial Intelligence that I could somehow attend and learn at.

    I hope you guys understand.. and if you can provide me with any help that would be great.. also I'm not really sure what's possible and what isnt'..if you could tell me what's farfetched .. that would be cool too.. thanks.
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    Since you live in SD, I would check UCSD first and foremost. I know they have great research in biological sciences (Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla is world famous but I doubt they have any programs for high school students but worth checing nonethless) and probably have some programs for high students during the summer. I was able to do research in high school because I got into a program specifically for high school students to do cancer research. I had no idea about the program but my chemistry teacher recommended that I apply so you might want to check with your counselors and/or science teachers first. Sorry I can't help you with AI. I had to write one paper about it in college for my philosophy class and it was unmemorable to say the least.
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    It's ok about the AI.. but thanks for the input here...

    I will talk to my teachers about it.

    Any more ideas are welcomed.. thanks.
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    how was ur cancer research program? did u learn anythin from it? do u think it was well worth ur time?

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    it seems I missed the top programs I could have applied to.. the deadlines where Feb.
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    I think some government labs have highschool programs in the summer for students. Check the national science foundation's website for some info.
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    Also check out LBL's website : lbl.gov
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    If I remember correctly, doesn't Berkeley have some type of k-12 lab thing?
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