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News Interpol, abusing power.

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    Yulia TIMOSHENKO is the right hand of Yuschenko, The lider of the oposition in ucranie.. we all know he is Pro USA.

    Yulia timoshenko probably will end as prime minister if the oposition wins...

    But yulia is wanted for fraud by the interpol.


    Now that they are close to power. she magicaly disapeared from interpol website. i guess we can forget about her criminal record if she is taking charge of ucranie....

    try here:

    or go: http://www.interpol.com/
    Wanted, Search: TIMOSHENKO
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    I have no idea why she is off the list, but it is worth noting that the Ukrainian justice department has itself been prosecuting her since 2000. Also, she would become Vice Prime Minister if Yushenko is elected. He would be Prime Minister. At least that's my understanding of the ticket. Maybe I'm wrong.
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    Another thing: When you look at the two candidates, who would you back? I can't fault the US for backing Yushenko. As much of a failure as he may have been in certain areas when he was Prime Minister, I'd still consider him the better candidate. Yanukovich is a mobster.
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    I'm pretty sure Yushenko is running for President, as Yanukovich promised that if Yushenko didn't contest the election (this was early on) that he would appoint Yushenko Prime Minister.

    Yeah, Yanukovich is already Prime Minister, they're both running for President.
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