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Homework Help: Interpretation of a PDE

  1. Jan 14, 2012 #1
    Given [tex] \triangle u = f(x,y,z)[/tex] on a given body with vanishing neumann boundary conditions. I'm asked to interpret it in terms of heat and diffusion.

    Since heat/diffusion take the form [tex] u_t = k \triangle u[/tex], I am a little confused as I there is no time term here. I think the answer is that u denotes the concentration of heat/substance and the PDE is saying that no heat/substance will escape the body. The process is time invariant, so the PDE is just defining the distribution of heat/substance inside the body to follow this strange rule that its laplacian is f?

    Is this reasoning correct? Can I assign some physical intuition to the distribution of heat/substance inside the body following the rule that its laplacian be f?
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    bump.. is something unclear?
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