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Interpretation of a picture

  1. Dec 16, 2003 #1
    http://www.frozenwinds.com/Portal/pic_display.asp?id=55 [Broken]

    What do you think, when you see this picture ? What do you feel ? Sadness or do you want to sing a song about frogs :wink: ?

    Note: Hope I posted this in the right forum. Sry if it's the wrong one :smile:
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  3. Dec 16, 2003 #2
    I see something contrived. Something intended to invoke a feeling of other, and greater, than self.
  4. Dec 16, 2003 #3
    Hmm... mean your standing on the bottom of a hill and looking up to a ....(in this case) cross ?

    Good, would you want to go near the cross or would you stay where you are ?
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    A belated welcome to the PFs, BlackJack :smile:.

    I suppose this is more "metaphysics", but I don't think it's going to be a problem. Anyway, to answer your first question: I think that this person has some talent, as an artist. I don't really feel anything, but I can see how someone would, since it touches on more than one thing that run deep with many religious people.

    To answer your second question: I don't have an inclination either way, but probably wouldn't go toward the cross merely out of lack of interest.
  6. Dec 16, 2003 #5
    No, I mean looking at the image on my monitor.

    If I were actually witnessing this in person I'd get over to the cross as quickly as possible so I could take part in the unusual event.
  7. Dec 16, 2003 #6
    Nice, picture. The cross evoked no religous response from me, but the surrounding picture was excellent and the longer I looked the more I was absorbed into it and would like to look out over that land. The more I did that the more attachment I would feel, then the cross would have value once again.
  8. Dec 17, 2003 #7
    I'm inclined to go with BoulderHead and say that it's too contrived. Have seen too many pictures like it before, and this one has little or nothing to add. However, one thing did occur to me, that the Father in Heaven, indeed the one that we've all come to know and love (through such pictorials), must be closely affiliated with the sun. Which is to say, the sun represents the one static element (God), by which everything is allowed to evolve on Earth (in accordance with evolution).
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    A belated welcome to the PFs, BlackJack

    well, I posted quite a lot before but then the forum changed. So I lost all my posts :smile:
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    We all know that aliens are atheists, but it seems kinda over the top to toast crucifixes like that.

    Every silver lining has a big dark cloud in the middle of it?
    I feel... annoyed, mostly. I want to remove the clouds, and strip away the exclusivity symbolised by the ray.
  11. Dec 17, 2003 #10
    Good artistic talent.
    Some how the picture was touching, yet has no effect. Odd
  12. Dec 18, 2003 #11

    ...... lool
    Good one. I know that the ... alien beam is a bight to bright. Hmm lets take bit of energy away. :smile:
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    Well, looking at the picture I felt eternity, like I am an outside visitor. I know, it is called soldier's grave, but for me it symbolized the death of humankind and all life forms except plants.

    The bare twigs in front and trees in the distance with bare branches, the dark gloomy light and the cross, symbolize for me an image which has been undisturbed for eras.

    Tranquility and desolation are the words..
  14. Dec 21, 2003 #13
    To me it seems like something good and kind died by sinister means in that forest when it was lush, the forest died by the same force that killed whatever is represented by the cross or was killed as a result of what the cross represents dying. The light to me seems to be resurrecting whatever was killed to go and get some vengence a la "The Crow".
  15. Dec 22, 2003 #14
    Giving just TWO 'pre-suggestive' statements and asking one to make a choice is confining the observer to your line of thought?.

    Psychoanalytic pre-determination?

    I placed a photo here:http://groups.msn.com/Youcanseehomefromhere/doppler.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=67 [Broken]

    which I obtained from a student the moment it became available on the internet, but what I actually seen was this:http://groups.msn.com/Youcanseehomefromhere/doppler.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=68 [Broken]

    just by rotating it 90%, but when I returned and showed this next image to the student I was really trying to invoke him to always look from a different angle, another perspective?.

    You can make numerous(complex) interpretations of anything from a picture and its Archetypal meaning? to invoving the collective consciousness of a free thinking observer, but this would have to be given without a 'Pre-determined' paramiter such as in your original link.

    Later I could see that there is another image which I could not zoom into, just to the right of the bottom of the cross, maybe a lost soul?..maybe a fallen christian soldier?
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