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Homework Help: Interpreting a graph

  1. Sep 3, 2008 #1
    I can't post up the graph but I just need some help with general ideas. If I have a position v. time graph will the area under the curve be the acceleration? Also, in an acceleration v. time graph does the area under the curve represent anything? And if I have a velocity graph or velocity equation do I have enough information to determine a position at a given time without knowing any positions?
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    In a position v time graph the area under the curve is displacement.
    The tangent (or slope) at any point is the velocity (rate of displacement change).
    The area under an acceleration v time graph will yield the velocity across the time interval.
    Velocity is a rate of change of displacement. You can determine a relative position over a time interval, but not an absolute one without knowledge of some position.
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