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Interrupts on 8051

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    Hi eveyone,
    I am taking a course about microcontrollers and 8051 family and now I am so confused about the external interrupts. Therefore, I have some questions to ask. First of all, as I know we need to remove the low level situation before the RETI instruction is executed. But how can we do this in assembly? Can anyone put some sort of code to make it clear?
    Second one, how does edge-triggered interrupt work?
    These are the basic questions that I want to learn. However, further information about the external interrupts are welcome.
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    Isn't this covered in the databook and app notes? It's been a long time since I wrote assembly for an 8051, but the documentation was pretty clear back then. Can you post a link to the databook for the 8051 variant you are using, and a link to an app note about using interrupts with it?
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    You are right berkeman, it is covered. I haven't understood this concept from my textbook but then I did what you said and the things that I didn't understand is clear now. Thanks for your help.
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