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Homework Help: Intersection points of the graph its solutions?

  1. Aug 31, 2005 #1
    The graphs of f(theta) = 2sin(theta) - 1 , and g(theta) = 3cos(theta)+2 are given.
    What equation would have the intersection points of the graph its solutions?

    ummm..... what does this mean? and how do i solve it?
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    Find the intersection points of f(t) and g(t) and find a function that has those points as solutions (zeros).
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    i still dont understand i can find the points where f(t) and g(t) intersect by graphing (how do i do this by graphing?) but what do you mean by having same points as zeros?
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    Both of these are the equations of graphs in their polar form.These graph would intersect at some particular point whose position vector will make some THETA angle with the x-axis.To find this particular THETA , solve the above two equations simultaneusly by equation f(Q) and g(Q) and then finding the angle(s).

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