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Homework Help: Interval of Integration Symbol

  1. Sep 13, 2009 #1
    Latex Question:

    I am having a hell of a time finding how to put the large vertical bar used to denote the interval over which a definite integral should be evaluated. Can you please help me?
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    D H

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    Usually you put those with the integral sign:

    \int_A^B f(x)\, dx

    [tex]\int_A^B f(x)\, dx[/tex]

    Once you have evaluated the corresponding indefinite integral you need to evaluate it at the integration limits to determine the value of the definite integral.



    The trick is to use an invisible \left part (\left.) paired with a visible vertical bar \right part (\right|).

    An alternate approach is to use big honkin' elements. Getting bigr and Bigr and biggr and Biggr,

    F(x)\bigr|_A^B, F(x)\Bigr|_A^B, F(x)\biggr|_A^B, F(x)\Biggr|_A^B




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    Thank you very much! It looks great!

    I was very surprised this wasn't actually detailed somewhere already. In my searching I also learned about the cancel package, which you can use to show expressions canceling to zero or one or whatever!
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