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Interview a Mechanical Engineer, please help

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    Hi, I need to interview a mechanical engineer for a school career project and I was wondering if a mechanical engineer is nice enough to answer some questions. I am really interested in studying to be one (currently a sophomore in High school so it's not that far away) and would really appreciate it if you guys would help me out

    Here are the questions, sorry if there are too many

    1. Exactly what tasks might I do on the job?

    2. Would I travel? Where and how often?

    3.How would I be supervised?

    4. Is there any danger to my health or physical safety?

    5. What do you like most about your job? the least?

    6. Would you work evenings, weekends, or holidays?

    7. How large is the occupation? Does it have a fast average, or slow rate of growth?

    8. How much education or training is required to qualify in the job market and meet legal certification or licensing requirements?

    9. How long does it take?

    10. What kind of high school or college program is required?

    11. How high could I rise in the field?

    12. Would I need an additional education?

    13. What is the base annual salary for the job at entry, middle, and top-level?

    14. Does the job pay overtime?

    15. Are there bonuses given for superior performance?

    16. Do I have a reasonable chance to find a job in this field?

    17. Is this a field that might permit me to start my own business?

    18. Are the hours irregular? long or short?

    19. How would my tasks relate to my co-workers?

    20. Would I cheifly work with data, people, or things?

    Thanks in advance if anyone answers the questions.
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    Oh, I also forgot to to put to please put who you are employed by and your name. My teacher might think I made it up if I don't include that
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