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Job Skills Interview Question

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    I was wondering if anyone knew if there was anything I should do.
    I recently had an interview where I was being asked technical questions and one particular question came up which actually has a solution which I semi outlined but my interviewer suggested that I should know some theorem which I should look up.
    I then came home and looked up the theorem and noticed that it was being applied wrong by the interviewer because if it was applied as suggested one gets an undefined answer (1/0) division by zero. Was there anything I could of done if my interviewer was fishing for an answer which turns out to be wrong.
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    Andy Resnick

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    It's tough to say based on your limited information. You may want to try privately contacting the interviewer and continuing the discussion- you must be careful not to come across as antagonistic, tho.

    One approach is to simply ask for some clarificiation, for example "Dear so-and-so, I thought about your question some more, and I'm not sure I understood what you were asking, because in this application, the result of the theorem gives an undefined result, and here's why. Do you instead mean [...], or [...]?"
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    whats the point? You get the job back? Simply let things go by, & prepare for your next assignment, whatever it is...

    It makes a point only if there is a chance of interview again.
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    I figured there was nothing I could do, the impression based on an error was the only thing that bothered me . I only have contact for HR not interviewer. Oh well.
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    who wanted to work for a bunch of idiots anyways? :)
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