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News Interview with a Sheik

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    This is from a question time style interview I attended with a Sheik, whose name I both choose not to reveal, and can't actually remember. It's quoted from memory, so beware of huge errors.
    The scary thing is he is really a nice guy....

    What is the panel's views on the Iraq crisis, now that it is over?

    It's another example of US double standards. A terrorist is whoever the Americans don't like. They point their finger, and they're a terrorist. Look at Israel. Ariel Sharon can bomb whole towns to ashes. And he's not a terrorist? Terrorism is about striking fear into the hearts of the enemy. The Israeli invasion of palestine is doing just that.

    But aren't the Israelis entitled to defend themselves?

    That's what you zionist press tell you. When a little kid throws a rock at an Israeli tank, he's a terrorist? When the zionist soldier shoots him in the head at point blank range, he's defending his country? The politicans want this war. These people don't care if millions die to further their own goals. Like perhaps with 9/11.

    Surely you don't suggest...
    What do we know about the twin towers? Where were the 4000 Jews who were supposed to be there that day? How likely is it for a rag tag band of extremists to hijack 8 jet planes on the same day? And they immediately pointed the finger at Islam. It was planned from the beginning.

    But you don't have any evidence do you?
    Look at how this was carried out, how it was all planned like clockwork. Do you think extremists can have done that. And they say that they met in a strip bar to discuss it. How could they have done that if they were such radicals. This all has the signs of the CIA in this. They did this to expand Bush's empire.

    Continued later.
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    My cat often conspires against me late
    in the evening. He then charges ahead but
    I ussualy manage to catch'im in mid-flight
    and than hug'm and kiss'm and show'im love.
    Eventually though, he manages to break away
    and try to hunt me again, well he's a predator
    that's his thing.

    Live long and prosper.
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    I wondered where my cat went.

    Good analogy!

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    My point is that it is not so much a matter of ridiculing this person's views, but rather noting that a disturbing number of people are beginning to share them... And it would be difficult for the current situation to help persuade him.
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    Occupy and defend. Right.

    And of course, when the Taliban 'defend' themselves, they're terrorists. The way the Kashmiris are. And the Chechneyans. Some logic you're cementing here.


    Why the hell would one need evidence now? Justice is now the shattered glass the US sets together to give it a shape. But the dumbest of men see the cracks.

    So when you tell me the US attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq are justified, I tell you I'm Santa Claus. And I don't care what you want, I'll give you democracy this Christmas.
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    I don't even want to bother to ridicule his views.
    I have no desire of even talking about his views.
    As for the people, if there were no stupid people
    there would be no wise people, everything is
    relative and that is the way the world works.

    Live long and prosper.
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    Hmmmm...categorizing this as 'stupid' is a waste of time. American believe 'stupid' things to, as the government directs. Look how many people believed that iraq had something to do with 9-11!
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    How do you know it didn't ?
    I personally have no idea. Abviosly Saddam
    had some general connection with the
    Talliban, but then again, it's probably
    because it's the same region, not because
    they have the same ideology or plan their
    most secret actions together.
    Anyway, I'm just saying this ain't a
    very good example.

    Live long and prosper.
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    Your self-proclaimed wisdom and the stupidity you so casually thrust upon others is - well - self-proclaimed and thrusted. Amazing how so many of us cocoon ourselves within the security of this 'wisdom'.
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    Wisdom is just knowing the facts and
    making descisions based upon that knowledge.
    Stupidity is either lack of knowledge
    or discisions that do not follow from it.

    Live long and prosper.
  13. May 13, 2003 #12
    The information that guy had was just wrong. Can't you expect something like that? They just want to propagandize against America just like the GOP does here. The CIA had nothing to do with it, except the fact that they werent competant at defending against it.
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    Well, the CIA probably trained them, or helped set up teh training camp where they started. Remember, many terrorists around the world started out as expendable 'freedom fighters' for the US, and only became 'terrorists' after their usefulness ended.
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    Oh yes, that's right, and the GWB junior oil company Arbusto (means 'Bush' in spanish) was brought to you in part by the Bin Laden family fortune!!
    Bush Bin Laden connection
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    Indeed, but first of all you also have
    to remember the USSR and second - what
    does that have to do with what that sheik
    says ? Spreading your propoganda again Zero ?
  17. May 13, 2003 #16


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    Hmm... it appears this has gone way off topic.

    You know what I think should be done? This guy should make his speech on national television. We won't persuade anyone, but his appearance should make the politicians finally wake up to the fact that a significant minority are feeling ignored, and that until they recognise how many of their policies are simply not getting them on board, they may see the small radical fringe that we currently have widen. Propaganda or not, the significance is that people are believing this stuff. And whatever we are doing now, we aren't helping.

    He also said: "You can talk about how civilian casualties are unacceptable, but if anything happens to my child, or my wife, I too will be strapping on a bomb belt and blowing the country away."
  18. May 13, 2003 #17
    In my experience, there's no better way to turn normally intelligent, rational people in frothing lunatics than to mention the words "Israel" or "Palestine." Especially Israeli Jews and Arab Moslems. I hang out with a number of both groups... it is rather creepy. I know some very smart people, science types, who think that the whole "the Jews got out of the WTC before the attacks" thing is quite possibly true, and who ascribe just pointlessly cruel and ridiculous motives to the 'Zionists.'

    The same is true, though to a lesser extent, on the Israeli side. One sweet Jewish girl, an ex-roommate of mine, overheard a friend and I discussing the situation and went off into an unprecedented rant about how the Israeli Arabs were "outbreeding" the Jews so that they could take over the country, with a couple of slurs mixed in for good emphasis. Similarly a lot of people seeminly automatically raise the cry of anti-Semitism whenever any criticism of Israel or its policies is made...

    Tribalism/patriotism/nationalism at its worst.
  19. May 17, 2003 #18
    Ok, they can think what they please. (odd that, the definitionof us and them).

    Im am very conservative, most of you are liberal.

    How many of you have been convinced by my words to see my way?

    How many of you, knowing my views remain open to my suggestions?

    I could concoct a totally believable news story portraying my views and you could read it on the net. How many would it convince?

    The answer is : NONE. You will believe what you want to believe. Be it incorrect, be it off base, be it totally asinine, it will not move you an inch. In fact, it is more likely to confirm you in your present frame of mind.

    You will believe what you want to believe, you will see what you want to see.

    Your only salvation is to not judge. Open your eyes, your ears, your intellect, and hope that what they recieve is the truth. This, unfortunately, will never happen.

    I leave it to you. What is the solution?
  20. May 17, 2003 #19


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    Well, you can let them believe what they belief, and bury your head in the sand as much as you want. But you happen to be part of this world, and these people happen to be part of it too. If you tell yourself that what you call the war on terror is succeeding, then you have a duty to open your eyes, not to judge whether these people are wrong but on a different level - to judge how they disagree with you. You have your own ideas of truth, but the assine attitude of planning what other people believe in, and just laughing when they don't will be a big failure. The war on terror will always be a battle for the hearts and minds. It seems an interesting way to wage it if you do not even notice what people's hearts and minds are becoming.
  21. May 19, 2003 #20
    Where does this absurd pontification come from? Al Qaeda is still romping around the world blowing stuff up.
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