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Into troubles with a mesh

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    AN ADVICE: "If you are not familiarized with mesh generation, don't keep on reading, you will not understand nothing and I will not make you to waste your time."

    Sorry if it is not the appropiate forum for posting my problem.

    I'm currently programming an elliptic mesh generator in Matlab. If someone knows about it, you have to solve a two coupled Laplace equations. I have not any problems to solve it.

    The difficulties arrive when I have to cluster the lines to the internal boundary. See the drawing below:

    -|---|--|---|------------ iso-eta line


    -|---|--|---|------------- iso-eta line
    -|---|--|---|------------- iso-eta line
    | | | |
    iso -xi lines

    As you (roughly) can see the transverse lines are iso-eta lines, and the vertical ones are iso-xi lines.

    I want to cluster iso-eta lines around one named eta_o=constant.

    I have proved with the next forcing function:


    but nothing happens, or simply the method diverges.

    I will appreciate some advice, or some warning about the forcing function used. I have not had success in clustering near the internal boundary.

    Any comment or web-link will be appreciated. Thanks.
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