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Homework Help: Intrinsic critical points of a function .

  1. Nov 29, 2004 #1
    Intrinsic critical points of a function.....

    I have a problem that's giving me a bit of trouble. The solution is not vital to my existence, but it's been eluding me long enough that it's grown to be a pest. I've figured out the easy part by hand, and I have the less obvious solutions by way of TI-89, but I'd like to know a way to get there without computer assistance. Anyway:

    Find all the intrinsic critical points of [tex]f(x)=x_1^3+2x_1x_2x_3-x_3^2[/tex] on the unit sphere.

    Of the ten, I've found six, namely, all the unit vectors along the coordinate axes. We've been using the Lagrange formulation quite a bit, so I assume that's what we're to use here. Anyway, any insight would be appreciated.
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