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Intrinsic extrinsic

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    The product of the principal curvatures of a surface in Euclidean 3 space, though defined extrinsically, is actually an intrinsic quantity, the Gauss curvature. This is the Theorem Egregium.

    What about the product of the principal curvatures for higher dimensional hypersurfaces?
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    Do you read curvature tensor ?
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    Do you read curvature tensor ?

    hanskuo I am not sure what your question is. Explain.
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    In difernetial geometry, curvature is a tensor in higher dimensions.(more than 3 dimensions)
    This is what I said curvature tensor.
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    I am not referring to the curvature tensor but to the product of the principal curvatures of an embedded hypersurface. This product is the same as the determinant of the Gauss map.
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    hanskuo, I apologize. I guess I lied a little. If one has already found principal directions on a hypersurface then the curvature 2-forms with respect to a principal frame field are the pairwise products of the principal curvatures times the wedge products of the dual 1-forms. In tensor language, if Ei are the principal directions then the curvature 2 forms are
    R(X,Y,Ei,Ej) and the relevant equation is

    R(X,Y,Ei,Ej) = KiKjEi*^Ej* where Ki is the i'th principal curvature and Ei* is the i'th dual i-form.
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