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Intro and questions

  1. Dec 28, 2004 #1
    hey guys im sagar from India, just joined, glad to have found such a site, after reading lots of the problems and stuff... i think i can muster some confidence to put up my questions to the geniuses.. neways...i wanted to ask whether anyone knows of any universities offering btech degrees in biotech..i am right now studyin in the eleventh standard ,,im 16.. and in india the system is that after 10th standard u choose a stream , either science commerce or arts, having taken science i study physics chem and math as compulsory subjects and english and biotechnology as optional ones, thts just a little info on the edu system in india, and i am also preparing for the iit-jee neone know wha tht is?...so neways i think i can deal with any homework problems.. say, are we allowed to pose chemistry problems here???what is a mentor?.. as i was sayin im going to post questions related to the exam which is the toughest in india... so hold on...
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    and i want members to personally contact me if possible ...my emails listed i think.. messenger chats on msn yahoo wud be very helpful... sagkom@hotmail.com and d_sagar14@yahoo.com, also ne biotech phreaks out there like me, get in touch...thanks
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