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Intro myself

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    well although i was pretty good in math chemistry and physics, all high numbers on my exams etc.
    I did not went into physics (although at some point could have done that, becoming a physics teacher), but fate went different.

    Still i think i often had insights into things that where a bit above the level of my age.
    For example i must have been 10 or 11, when i explained at basic education that earth is not rotating around the sun, but that they rotate around each other's mass, (be it that the mass of earth is small as compared to the sun) i made the point to him that in fact this would count for all planets and even our moon. This wasn't explained to me but it just made sense to me that it should work like that, my teacher was perplex.

    At the age of 12, i re-invented linear perspective drawing, which i discovered trough my own drawings.
    No one had explained it to me, and i think it was developed around 1390 or so (no sure but then i know some artist who used it in their paintings as well. ); much later age 17 or 18 or so it was teached to me, how to technically draw 3d photo correct. (its a skill not required anymore with these days autocad).

    Age 16 or so i explained my drawing teacher i could scale anything with only a number less ruler, and a compass.
    And a 3 weeks later i showed my technical drawing teacher how i had made a corkscrew drawing, after a year he came back to me, noticing me that my method was valid.. ( it had occurred on the fly to me, took him a year to find a colleague who could confirm what i had done ).

    Also in a flash insight found an ideal way of presenting prime numbers, and distribution over a pyramid, while this doesn't explain prime numbers and show a lot of them in lines over this pyramid. just a presentation no one used before. at around the same time umlam spiral draw more attention, but wasnt in some regret as clear as my pyramid, still i attracted a lot of strange numerologists with my discovery, i got Emails from everywhere then.
    But i feel glad that fuzz is over.

    My skills where good to but schools didn't triger my interest in it, wh did i had to learn linear algebra while there where fractals, and while i had a computer that i could program, well i had good grades at school but school couldn't challenge me.

    Well i think i'm a good visualizer.
    And these days i work as an inventor, and programmer.. so yeah i use numbers and physics..

    BTW i'm not english so i tend to type some typo's once in while, i hope you enjoy them..
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    Welcome to PF!
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