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Intro Physics?

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    I'll get right to it.

    I've been looking for a Calculus based Physics textbook to self-study over summer, so far I've already taken an algebraic based AP Physics course (this book:


    But I didn't like Giancoli's book a whole lot, it was a little confusing until I got sort of used to it and the concepts still seem a little fuzzy. And so I was hoping someone could recommend me a good Calculus based physics book, preferably one that covers as much material as possible and can be used for self-study (again since I'll be doing it over the summer).

    Also if possible it would be great if someone could recommend me a college level Statistics book and whatever comes after highschool calculus
    (I have already taken it [highschool calc]--used this book):

    (great book by the way)

    Thanks for the help!
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    Well, I really like these:
    Physics v1; Resnick, Halliday & Krane. 5th edition.[/URL]

    Those are the ones I used in my general physics courses. I remember putting a lot of effort into 'em (ie re-reading sections, working the examples and solving most of the problems.), but it was well worth it.

    As usual when buying books, read some chapters first to see if it suits your style.
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