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Intro to Chem: Theory VS Law

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    One way to tell a law and a theory apart is to ask if the description gives you a means to explain 'why'.

    Well Newton's 1st Law doesn't satisfy why but how about the inverse sq law? Can't you logically deduce that? If so, that's satisfying why

    So according to the italicized, the inverse square law should NOT be a law because it (also) explains why

    Take it with a grain of salt?


    It's not fair of me to state there's an inverse relationship between intensity and area because no matter how logical it sounds, the greater the area doesn't necessarily mean the lesser the intensity. Well maybe it does, but that doesn't exactly mean it's the cause. It could be for other unknown reasons beyond reality's boundaries.

    So, rather there's an inverse relationship between what we define as intensity & what we define as area for God knows why.

    ^There, that doesn't explain why
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