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Intro to electrical engineering

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    Hi you all

    i am looking for some introductory texts on electrical engineering...you know , how does an opamp work ,and so on ...anyone got some nice online courses ???

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    Marlon do you mean you wish to know how to use an OpAmp or understand how it works --- the first is to go to the applictions notes from semi conductor companies and the second is to take an engineering degree .
    And in the second case Latin will not help you.
    The 'simple OpAmp' is a piece of art and is designed with a knowledge of several disciplines , the simple transistor is govered by about 30 non-linear parameters
    with equations to match --- so much so that even single transistor circuits are often unpredictable.
    Whereas if you just wish to build something then I do not think you can do better than go to the manufactures who provide excellent guides on all sorts of circuit applications.
    But do not expect them to tell you precisely how it works -- it's propriety knowledge
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    "Microelectronic Circuits" for Sedra and Smith. (I'm using the 5th edition)
    It is an introductory course, but it's quite big and of course needs some time if you're going to do it alone :)
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    "Microelectronic Circuits" from Smith and Sedara is quite a
    good book. It is often used as a textbook in school.
    If you just want to browse some websites to get idea
    before reading the book, you might try

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    Yah That book is definitely a good book.

    It not only introduces the concept of op amp,
    it also develops the understanding of bipolar transistors, MOSFETs and circuit analysis and design using the above devices.

    It also introduces the concept of filters, tuned amplifiers and frequency response of your amplifier circuits, and so on.

    I love that book because it is clear and concise.
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    Horowitz and Hill's "The Art of Electronics" is a great read.

    - Warren
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    Thanks for the information cronxeh and chroot...

    I also have heard of the art of electronics ; friends of mine (who are electrical engineers) have recommended this book. Thanks again chroot, i am convinced now

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