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Intro to quantum physics

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    hey everyone,
    could any of you recommend a good introductory quantum physics book? the thing is...i'm just interested in physics in terms of curiosity. i'm not doing physics major or anything. i always keep hearing how relativity and quantum theory are the two most believed models, but each specializes in things the other doesn't. i took a course in uni. that introduced me to relativity, so now i often get curious about what quantum physics is all about. so, that said...any suggestions?
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    George Jones

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    At what level in terms of mathematics?

    The Strange World of Quantum Mechanics by Daniel F. Styer is good, but non-mathematical.

    Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David J. Griffiths is a standard mathematical introduction for physics majors.
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    thanx a lot...i'll try the non mathematical one first
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