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Introducing Drak Aja

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    I was born and raised in Czechoslovakia (currently the Czech Republic) where I completed my Masters degree in Physics and Philosophy. I recently completed my PhD in science education and I am looking for "my place" in academia. In my dissertation I focused on a problem of students' understanding of nature of science (NOS-simplified philosophy of science) and offered a new way of exploring NOS via filmmaking. Truly cool results and mind-boggling outcomes brought out more questions about the way we use info we learn at school in everyday situations. I am further interested in the impact of laughter on our learning and understanding so I am thinking about some "giggling" ideas to study ;-).
    I am a passionate Mad Scientist and promote science to children and adults alike showing them the adventure embedded in science. I need that connection with real children and adults to feel my academic ideas are not only hanging "out there" but get to the ground a little bit faster.
    I never got used to the idea of combining all sciences under one umbrella subject "science" and tend to focus on physics that is my science background & making connections within different domains and life. I look forward to being part of this forum. You can find me at www.akottova.ca or at vancouverisland.madscience.org.
    My on-line name is a funny twist on Dr. and my initials AK - Dr.AK - in Czech "drak" means "dragon" ;-) - now I just have to practice the "fiery breath" ;-)
    Last but not least - my apologies for possible English grammar errors - I am ESL and strive to continually improve my English, but I found that the worries about all my texts being "perfect" (and one can't get all notes proofread) hold me back from expressing my ideas, which holds me back from improving my English & joining communities like this one. Thank you
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    Welcome to PF!
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