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Introducing mollwollfumble

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    Hi all. I have a BSc in applied math and a PhD in civil engineering, specialising in computational fluid dynamics. I have a huge interest in science in general, and space science in particular, and spend most of my time on the web. I have many unpublished research documents, three large recent ones being a book about the nearest stars and brown dwarfs (history and astrophysics), a book about the different types of infinite numbers (hyperreal numbers, surreal numbers, Hahn series, du Bois Reymond, Hardy divergent series, poles etc etc) and a collection of my research that is of interest to astronomers (space telescope proposal, search for planets in Kepler data, planets and brown dwarfs on the HR diagram, Fermi's unidentified sources no longer a mystery, busting four modern planet formation myths etc.)

    Interested to talk about any of those topics and more. I learnt my GR from Misner gravitation and my QM from Zee quantum field theory in a nutshell.
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    Welcome to the PF! :smile:
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