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Introducing Myself Briefly

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm an adult autodidact who has always been more comfortable with the humanities than the sciences. I've recently decided to fix the imbalance both for my own understanding and to open up some career opportunities. First step in this process being that I've signed up for some high school level math courses.

    Going through high school I was an average math student at best-- I was both a bit lazy with and intimidated by math and did just enough to get around 70% in the courses I had to take. So I went and recently re-did a couple of the courses via correspondence. It was a bit painful at first, but I ended up scoring north of 90% on both. I don't claim to have much of a math brain or a mathematical mindset, but I'm catching up where I can.

    I recently signed up for correspondence introductory physics. It's a decent course, not too challenging, but the textbook the course uses isn't so great and some of the examples aren't explained well. Thus, expect me to be asking a whack of newb questions and asking for help. Any and all help will much appreciated.
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