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Introducing myself to the community; Chad Kimsey

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    Hello everyone, its good to be a part of something that might help another person out, help them better understand our world, or simply answer a confusing question. Though I'm no expert at physics, or anything at all for that matter, I do know a good bit about it. Graduating in 2012 with a BS in chemical engineering, i have been involved in 3 years research at the largest research facility in the south east US in Oak Ridge, TN. The first nuclear bomb among other things were developed there and it was an awesome experience. Though I specialize in chemistry related subjects, all other foundations must be laid too, including physics, large amounts of advanced mathematics, thermodynamics, fluids, heat transfer, reaction, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic synthesis, and electronics among other things.

    I have a pretty wide basis of the laws, equations, and processes that make this world run the way it does. I will be glad to share anything I can help with on here; it would be great to actually be able to use something I've learned to help someone. I also love to draw (thus the thumbnail; about 8 hours of work) and restore old cars. Probably my most favorite past time would be listening to or playing music. Thank you,

    Chad Kimsey
    BS chemical engineering
    minor in biochemistry and polymers, some graduate credits taken
    hoping to get PhD someday
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    Welcome to PF!
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