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Introducing myself

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    Hi there all.

    I have had the deepest desire since I was a kid to learn about the Universe is and the place we live in. Now that I am grown up, I am studying the math and sciences that we as a human race have developed to help explain everything. I love to hear about all the theories and facts out there as well as the weirdest and common phenomena that we have yet to even begin to understand. I love thinking of the inner workings of stars and galaxies, dark matter and energy, and the pure awesome power that the Universe can deliver. I consider myself somewhat philisophical, always asking questions of why and how, and always question anything new in order to study and understand it, or other possibilities from something we may think we understand.

    I am currently in a reputable Community College and plan to transfer to somewhere in Virginia. I would love to go to UMD, but that is unfortunatley out of state with a cost a bit out of my price range. Currently I am just studying General Physics and the beginnings of Calculus.

    I didn't know exactly where to post but I thought the Gen Chat would be acceptable. I think I will mostly be in the Astronomy and Cosmology sections of this forum, as well as Physics and Math, and most importantly homework parts of couse. I hope to gather lots of information from this busy looking forum and meet new people. See you guys around.
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    Welcome to PF!

    We have a tradition here, in which newcomers have to tell us what their favorite fish is. :smile:
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    Welcome CosmicEye.

    And be careful about the fish thing. I'd recommend doing a forum search before replying...
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    Oh please... Berkeman is just a scaremonger. Tell us... what's your favorite fish?
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    Welcome CosmicEye!! :smile:

    I'm sure you'll love it here!!

    Don't listen to Berkeman though, just give us a nice, large fish.
  7. Aug 12, 2011 #6
    Hmm Im scared to find out but sure.. I guess Ill go with a good slice of catfish.
  8. Aug 12, 2011 #7
    So be it

    *Slaps CosmicEye with a HUGE catfish*

  9. Aug 13, 2011 #8
    haha. Lets just say I was thinking of something more inapropriate...

    Thanks for the welcome
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    It appears that I am required to do an introduction.
    I am a bit autistic. My thought patterns don't follow the norm.
    I have been inventing things since I was age seven, and my first was a perpetual motion car. My second was a cypher that out grew me. Now it has evolved into an optical computer language with 100 billion characters. It takes way too long to explain.

    I wish I knew somebody who did marketing.
    I could show you a simple way to raise the Titanic.
  11. Jul 29, 2013 #10

    I say leave the Titanic in peace.
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