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Introducing myself

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    Hi! My name's not Lebesgue, but I am a physics and mathematics undergraduate student. I was looking for an option in which procrastination need not to be in conflict with actually learning.
    This is the first forum I take part in, so I still need to learn how to move around and not ending up posting things in the wrong places.
    About me: as a mathematics student, I'm really excited about rigorously learning about math, but for me the main aim of this is to be able to apply to the physical description of the world. I'm really passionate about relativity (I studied a little bit of special relativity kinematics and dynamics) and would love to learn some differential geometry (and semi-Riemannian geometry in the future) to be able to fully understand the structure of Minkowski space-time.

    Beyond that, I love music (favorites: Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd...) and movies.

    I am also looking forward to meeting some people with similar interests. I think this is going to be really nice for improving my English level.
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    Welcome to PF!
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