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Introducing myself

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    My general inclination when it comes to writing threads like these is to craft an overwrought set of sentences and paragraphs that show how sophisticated and intelligent I want to come across.

    Right now I'm too tired for that, so I'll make things normal.

    I'm a high-school-dropout-turned-community-college-student. My schedule for this semester consists of: Multivariable Calculus, Calculus Physics II (Waves, Thermodynamics, Optics), Calculus Physics III (Electricity and Magnetism), and Electric Circuits.

    I literally had my first E&M test three hours ago (finished 30 minutes early). It consisted of five "hard" problems from Halliday-Resnick (at the three-dot level). The class average will probably be under 40%, but I suppose that's normal for a physics class. One of my good friends is already planning on dropping...

    I hope to maximize the amount of value I receive from this forum, and the amount of value I give back (for that matter). I probably won't, but one thing I've learned in the lab is that reality never fits our idealized expectations so I suppose it isn't all that bad. Also, this probably doesn't read like a "normal" introduction, so there you go....
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Part of quantum information research group at UKZN, South Africa. Currently completing honours degree. Involved in a variety of STEM outreach programs and enjoy coding.
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