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Introducing The Global Dialectic (OS 012)

  1. Jul 11, 2004 #1
    Okay, what a long road this has been on this forum...

    Anyway, per the suggestion of another member, I will introduce and sum up OS 012 here in the hopes that this community will participate in and add to the Open Source Global Dialectic that is about a year and a half old, and spreading all over the world via online chat and discussion.

    OS 012 is, and this is were it can be challenged, a pristine and perfect dialectic that was created by various people all over the world via online discussion about the looming war in Iraq (Nov 2002-March 2003) and has grown ever since.

    As a dialectic, it creates a dialogue where both sides can win inside of the conflict. When it is understood properly, it produces an expanded state of awareness and insight that is quite alarming and shocking.

    As a dialectic, it is unique in that it employs both art and science (hence it's inherent puzzling presentation), and allows room for opinion and even sarcasm.

    As a dialectic, it is also a perfect objectivist tool. This is only understood through discussion. The more it is challenged, the more it is understood.

    It is a system of hyper-logic that embraces all and refuses none.

    It is utterly impossible to defeat her axiom and proposition logically and rationally.

    Since it also embraces the concept of memetics, this master meme will continue to spread word of mouth until COMPLETE and UTTER world PEACE is achieved. (There, I said the most controversial thing one could imagine)

    So, fellow deep thinkers, what say you?

    (please try to be funny)


    OS 012

    with love,

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  3. Jul 23, 2004 #2

    my Lord, 67 views to this thread, and not ONE philosophy or logic fan is interested in a ternary dialectic based upon perfect axiom and proposition that insures all sides win in every conflict, resolves all philosophical and ethical questions, and embraces all ideas in complete harmony...

    well, that is how I decided to take it to another forum, so if anyone is interested watching and seeing how this is applied, I took OS 012 to a philosophy logic forum, and they are loving it, it's proposistions are proved within the discussion, and if you all want a taste or want to join in there, here is the link..

    http://p088.ezboard.com/fponderersguildfrm6.showMessageRange?topicID=1079.topic&start=1&stop=20 [Broken]

    See you there if you are i nterested....


    PS , yes, I do use humor and theatre to present it, and you will see why when you read

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    Now if only it has perfect spelling.

    Sorry. Had to.
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    Say, Moonie, perhaps you can take this OS 012 of yours down to the politics forum and resolve all of our disputes so that no side loses. You'd be a hero.
  6. Jul 24, 2004 #5
    hehe, Dont apologise, the whole concept is *open source*..the site is in beta mode, so if there is a misspelling ( I suck at editing and proofreading) I wish you would tell me what was misspelled!

    that way, the proper correction can be made. That is another princaple of the dialectic itself, that it is constantly upgrading to the dominant idea that is the most effective and rational

    sure, at some point that may be a good idea. however, I would not resolve your disputes, you would!

    to resolve the disputes, one first has to understand how the dialectic works. So that is what I do, i find the conflict that people have with the dialectic and it's presentation, use the dialectic to engage in dialogue with them which becomes a training tool to see how it is used.

    whoever uses this dialectic literally wins in every single discussion, always victorious


    are you really a red head?

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    Actually I'm a man who happens to think Scarlett Johannson looks pretty good as my avatar.
  8. Jul 30, 2004 #7
    me too. me too.
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