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Introduction and a question

  1. Jul 25, 2016 #1
    hey all. i thought i would just say hello. and see if anyone can point me in the right direction. i am very interested in learning physics but i need to start from Ks3 i am 28 but i was not found to be dylexic until a few years ago. so i failed all my exams. i also cant go to a college campus as i have had a major problem with social anxiety so if i have any questions or get lost anywhere i wouldnt ask the teacher/tutor or even fellow classmates. im currently doing what i can using the BBC bitesize for Ks3 and brushing up on some of the things i would need to know, but i am unsure if this is a relable sorce and if it will help me progress further, im not wanting a job or anything to come out of this i am simplay doing this for me as an interest but i still might consider doing the exams at a later date if i feel i can without presuring myself to much.
    thanks for reading this and i know it may seem a bit long winded but any help or advice or even giving me names of people to talk to would be a great help.
    thank you very much
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    You always will be welcome to post your questions here. Unfortunately I don't know something about this BBC program. As long as it keeps you interested it should be ok. I leave it to others to answer this in a more qualified manner. However, shouldn't it be "share" instead of "shaw" :wink:
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    thank you for your reply. even if i do not get any other replys i am sure i will stumble my way through. like the play on words lol.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums!

    I will move this thread to our Academic Guidance forum where people are more likely to see it and hopefully offer useful suggestions. The New Member Introductions forum is just for introductions and a bit of chit-chat, so not many of the regular posters actually read it, or at least not as often as the topical forums that they're interested in.
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    thank you. i am glad it is going in the correct place. that helps a lot
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