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Introduction and Thank You!

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    I am a classically trained musician who loves to read popular physics and mathematics texts. I do not have much formal training (1yr College Physics, Calculus, Statistics, Mathematical Computing). And I have always had a passion for physics that rivals my love for music.

    Some of my current topics of interest are Entropic Gravity, BHs , Lie Groups, Implications of Godel's Proof, Dark Matter and Dark Energy theories, the Tsallis Entropy, the Holographic Principle, Quantum Computation and the information processing interpretations of the universe...and on....

    And Amplituhedrons are just cool!

    My current goal is to work through The Road to Reality-Penrose. So I will most likely be asking for some help with the math. If you have other recommendations at my reading level please chime in!

    I would like to say, I have seen a glimpse of the beauty of mathematics and understand the translation issues when it comes to explaining the implications in layman terms. I will be a patient student. Thank you for your help and willingness to share your knowledge and insight.
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    Welcome to PF!
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